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Our goal is to work for you to extract the very best from the Reinsurance Marketplace in terms of coverage and cost. This service will save you time in terms of analyzing and approaching multiple reinsurers by simplifying the process and organizing the results for senior management to make the best and most informed decision. Since we understand the rating methods, claims process and coverage grants of the reinsurer, from having worked for a reinsurer, we can make sound recommendations that will favorably impact your coverage and cost.

We have knowledge in every aspect of the Managed Care and Insurance industry. Click on the links to the right to see just some of the methods our Clients are currently saving money.

Account Management
Claims Analysis & Adjudication

HMO Reinsurance

Provider Excess Insurance

Employer Stop Loss

Directors & Officers

Professional Liability

Rx Consulting

Capital Surplus Relief

Medical Malpractice


ACO Reinsurance

COOPs & Exchanges

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