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U.S. Advisors, Inc. is an independently owned and operated broker dedicated to the Managed Care Industry with clients nationally. We broker Managed Care Insurance and Reinsurance throughout the United States. We believe you will find that U.S. Advisors, Inc. has the necessary time, resources, knowledge, expertise and commitment to work well with your firm and get you the right results. This commitment and stewardship of your Insurance/Reinsurance Program is a promise we are proud to accept.

Expertise has been developed over the years by many of U.S. Advisor’s employees who have been involved with the Managed Care Industry since the early 1980s. We have served many of the largest HMOs, PHOs, Provider Medical Groups and Employer Groups for stop loss coverage on a national basis and believe we are well prepared to advise and assist our valued clients.


Our mission is to seek, serve and protect the best interests of our clients nationally with a commitment to honesty, integrity, and responsiveness. Our purpose is to deliver the highest level of advice and counsel so our clients can make informed decisions, remain competitive, and execute creative strategies to better manage and position their business in the dynamic and changing world of managed care. We seek to impart our knowledge and experience to best protect and represent our clients based on a true partnership relationship that is built on respect and trust. We will design and deliver insightful insurance and reinsurance solutions consistent with our client’s goals, strategies and financial objectives.

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