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Rx Consulting

Our mission is to take the PBM mystery out of how an HMO or Provider’s medications are suggested, dispensed and ultimately paid for by our clients. We identify the revenue streams, negotiate away the misaligned incentives, and monitor the claims to ensure that bad behavior is not present. If it is present, we present data based reports to clients and then assist in the correction of the behavior to help our clients recoup the monies that they are due. Our goal is to assist in the establishment of a long-term relationship between our client and its PBM partner. A new vendor should only be considered when all efforts to create a win-win relationship have failed. We currently deal with a group of clients representing over 7.5 million lives.

We are committed to ensuring our clients are buying their medications as smartly as possible. Our team is made up of high-level managers from the major Prescription Benefit Management (PBM) companies.

Benefits of U.S. Advisors Assistance

You get the best cost and program since you now have the same knowledge as your PBM

Significant Savings – from 30% to 60%

Savings starting as early as 60 days

HMO Reinsurance

Provider Excess Insurance

Employer Stop Loss

Directors & Officers

Professional Liability

Rx Consulting

Capital Surplus Relief

Medical Malpractice


ACO Reinsurance

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