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The uses of a captive extend to a variety of risk types: PEOs, HMOs, Physicians, Hospitals, Group Benefits, TPAs, etc...

We arrange Captive Insurance beginning with actuarial risk assessment, captive formation and management. We utilize a team of professionals in the area of actuarial, accounting and captive management to assure the best combination of risk vs. capital in establishing a captive. Captives can take several forms ranging from:

Services Available:
Benefits of Owning a Captive

Creates Capital – as you fund the captive since it does not go to an insurance company but remains an asset in your firm’s name. Using a traditional malpractice approach means giving the insurance company premium at the end of the year the money is gone and you still may have a rate increase with no losses and a significant increase if you have a loss event.

Reduces Cost – it can reduce funding in later years while potentially lowering your cost for any excess insurance since you can raise the deductible over time with no losses and/or favorable losses.

HMO Reinsurance

Provider Excess Insurance

Employer Stop Loss

Directors & Officers

Professional Liability

Rx Consulting

Capital Surplus Relief

Medical Malpractice


ACO Reinsurance

COOPs & Exchanges

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