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U.S. Advisors has worked in conjunction with COOPs and Exhanges to develop unique Reinsurance Solutions for these New Insurance Companies beginning in 2014 under the Accountable Care Act (ACA). Coverage is structured around the risk factors in your State and considers network, provider contracts, and risk coordination between Medicaid and the Commercial arena.

The Reinsurance will allow each entity to protect its profits in a cost-efficient manner structured around its own unique risk factors. U.S. Advisors has studied this Industry closely and has worked with executives within the Industry in offering a competitive Reinsurance Program to improve their balance sheets and add profits.

“We are familiar with the challenges of non-profit firms, building an infrastructure, advance funding need, protection of capital, building and funding reserves, monitoring members between commercial and mediciad and creating state of the art systems,” notes Terry Chesser, U.S. Advisors' Principal.

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